before you follow.

just make sure to keep in mind that i am eighteen yrs old! so dnf if ur r under 15 bro! i also hate ks, btd, cringe culture, & ddlg! bitches better not follow if they support that shit!! >:O also i need weed and gore tagged at all times! it can send me into a panic attack :( please tag with 'kaede don't look' along with the word weed as well! tysm!!!

fr doe rn my biggest interests is danganronpa and i talk abt it a lot, its one of my biggest comforts so if it makes u uncomfy i dont recommend following! sum other stuff i think is pretty epic is spop, osomatsu-san, kill la kill, toyko mew mew, acnh, minecraft, kny, mkdm, tbhk, and a lot more!! ^o^